Immersive environments for a more engaging experience

VR Traveller developed a virtual reality-based neuropsychological training program that represents travel around the world and improves cognitive deficits of neurological patients.

The goal of the project is to provide the patient with an immersive environment to enable a more engaging experience.

The VR Traveller training program is specifically designed to train attentional functions in combination with executive functions, like working memory and action planning. It represents the travel around the world in virtual reality, each scenario is set in a different location in the globe.

The patient is motivated to collect the points because those will allow him to travel to another interesting and adventurous destination around the world. By traveling to another location, the patient can train other cognitive functions and challenge other tasks.

VR Traveller aims to use immersive VR and gamification elements to improve compliance and motivation of patients for training. By using a highly immersive, realistic, and interactive environment it is possible to increase patient engagement and maximize training potential to prevent habituation and frustration.

The VR Traveller team working on the VR prototype



XR4REHAB is an Open Innovation Platform that believes in the power of virtual reality for rehabilitation.

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