VR platform that exploits embodiment in virtual reality embodiment to treat obesity

Self Conversation in VR using Embodiment to enhance a healthier lifestyle among people with obesity.

According to the WHO, approximately 23% of women and 20% of men are classified as obese. Approximately 69 billion euros is spent on healthcare issues related to dealing with overweight or obese patients in Europe every year.
There is a substantial unmet need to help reduce both the economic and public health burden of obesity.


A problem is that current treatments for obesity have limited effectiveness, as they are predominantly trying to change the patients diet or take more exercise. However, these treatments have shown to be largely ineffective with most patients failing to lose weight in the medium to long term.

SOCRATES uses embodiment to treat obesity, by allowing the patient to see and interact with themselves. This allows them to target three aspects that are inherent with severe obesity:

  • Recognition
  • Self stigmatisation
  • Self determination

The method allows patients to tackle the root causes of their obesity, rather than simply treating the symptoms.


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A self-counselling session

The approach of patients using embodiment for a self-counselling session where they can interact with themselves. During these conversations their body will morph from an unhealthy state to a healthy state and patients are guided by questions to get to this healthier lifestyle and the root cause of their problems.



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