Virtual Therapy – Real Success

CUREosity is a multiple international award-winning med-tech company that is transforming rehabilitation by developing innovative therapy concepts. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, we are offering smart and clinic ready therapy systems based on Virtual Reality, named CUREO, that  promote the sensorimotor and cognitive rehabilitation for patients for example after stroke or with neurodegenerative diseases. Consisting of hardware and the pre-installed, CE-certified software, CUREO is s immediately applicable and already in use in leading, international clinics.

Who are the members?

Our team consists of Game, Software and Art Designers, Data Scientist, HR, Sales and Marketing. In addition, we also work with doctors, therapists and scientists. Constant feedback from patients is also essential for us.

What makes it unique?

Our many features, developed with scientists, doctors, therapists and patients, set us apart from the competition.

For example, our system is very low-latency, which means that the patient’s movements are transferred directly into the system without much delay. This allows us to minimize motion sickness and provide the user with a dizziness-free, fascinating experience.

CUREO is intersectoral, mobile and thus accompanies therapists and patients through rehabilitation from phase B to F.

With CUREO, both sides of the body can be addressed individually in one therapy unit. This allows us, for example, to offer therapy for people with visual field impairments. Real elements are optionally displayed as aids in the virtual environment. Thanks to the adaptive auto mode, different repetition modes can be selected to adapt to the patient’s abilities.

Our unique calibration tool enables precise representation of movements in space even for patients with severe limitations. This is the basis for our motion guidance system developed specifically for CUREO, as well as the mapping of a biomechanical avatar in the virtual environment. The use of the applications through gaze control enables even the most severely affected to participate in CUREO’s therapy offerings.

Thanks to the ability to create training plans, therapy delivery and planning is automated. Thanks to an improved user interface, all important functions can be set with just a few clicks.

Our sophisticated VR therapy system is already being used in many leading international clinics. In addition, we are constantly developing the product and also further concepts.



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