Unlock Your New Reality with Xhalers – A Pacing Game for Long Covid recovery. A project update

During the Covid-19 pandemic it became obvious that many people were left with multiple debilitating symptoms after the acute illness had subsided. Patient advocacy groups such as Long Covid Physio and Long Covid SOS did much to highlighting the ongoing burden on patients and the lack of appropriate treatment. The Xhalers research group engaged with patient representatives from Long Covid SOS, and after much discussion, focused on the development of a VR supported self-management intervention, specifically a game that supports pacing for long covid.

Resources/support - What resources did you have to achieve it, was it possible, not possible...?

In terms of resources, we were fortunate that the Xhalers team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of academics with research expertise in rehabilitation, medical specialists, computer science and software developers, business innovation expertise and most important patient advocates. From a personal perspective we had the right team. However, due to the complex nature of long covid one of the biggest challenges was where to focus the intervention, which did cause a lot of debate and discussion. One of the other challenges of this project was the challenges around Medical Device Regulation, this is an ongoing issue.

 Results on patients - How is the project helping patients? 

To date we have ‘piloted’ the VR Pacing Game on clinicians and used their feedback to refine the intervention, the next stage of the project is to get further patient input. However, recent literature suggests that supported self-management and in particular pacing is vital if patients are to regain function and independence following long covid. 

Stage of development - Where are you now?

As stated, the VR Pacing Game has been developed and we are refining this in response to feedback from clinicians and patients.

Impact - According to your experience, how do you think we could scale up for impact?

The next stage of the project is to finalise the product at this point ethics approval will be sought and the feasibility of the pacing game will be formally tested in a patient population. Hopefully after feasibility testing the game can be rolled out in the clinical setting.

More information will be displayed about XhaleRs and the VR pacing game in the next VR4LongCovid Webinar

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