We are pleased to announce that Dr. Marco Sacco will be the keynote speaker at the  VR4REHAB Congress-from ideas to Reality, 24 June 2021 from 16.30 CET.


Dr. Marco Sacco, Senior Researcher, head of CNR-STIIMA Lecco subsidiary (“Human-Centered, Smart & Safe, Living Environment”), and head of division Enterprise Engineering and Virtual Applications. President of EuroXR (European Association for Extended Reality). His experiences are VR/MR/AR applied to the life cycle of the product/process/factory, discrete event and 3D simulation, Knowledge management, and Semantic Web. These enabling technologies are currently applied to Health and well-being sectors, especially for rehabilitation purposes and active and healthy living. He has been the coordinator of European (two of the larger EU projects in FP-VI and FP-VII) and National/Regional projects. He participated as an expert in several board both EU as well as at national/regional level for the evaluation of research and development projects.

Field of interest

Dr. Sacco´s research areas include Extended Realities technologies (AR/MR/VR) and Artificial Intelligence. He has more than 180 publications (107 Scopus certified – H-index 17), including papers in academic journals and conference proceedings.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Sacco will hold a keynote at VR4REHAB-from ideas to Reality entitled, “Home of the future”, 24 June 16.30 CET.

The speech will focus on the work we are carrying on about the Home of the future, where XR technologies will be the interfaces both for smart and personalized domotics (enabling an active and healthy living) as well as some specific solutions for rehabilitation at home.


Dr. Sacco says: “Enabling Technologies will pervade any aspects of our lives, and especially in Health and well-being, they will provide enormous support to both the people as well as expert (Doctors, Nurses, Caregivers, …). XR will represent the fact in the future the common user interface both with the information and with the objects of our daily living. Supported by AI, all applications/services and tools will be personalized and personalizable. At VR4REHAB Conference I hope to hear about innovative solutions and techniques as well as to meet the stakeholders from both technological and users’ sides.”


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