Claudio de'Sperati

I am an Associate Professor of Psychophysiology at the School of Psychology of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy, where I am also the Director of the Action, Perception and Cognition Lab. My research is currently focused on perceptual technologies, and I have a background in biological sciences, neurophysiology and cognitive psychology, with specific expertise in sensorimotor mechanisms. My past research interests include vestibular/oculomotor/cerebellar functions (in animal models), action-perception relationships, mental imagery, dynamic visuospatial attention, saccades, visual expertise, sense of agency, sense of speed, and pupil-based HCI for locked-in patients. This research was mainly conducted in Turin, Milan and Munich, where I spent two years with a “Mercator Professorship”. For many years I have been serving as reviewer for several journals and research agencies, including EU FP6 and FP7, and I am currently associate editor for the journal Scientific Reports (Nature group). I am the PI of a 4-year project funded by Velux Stiftung (Zuerich, CH) aimed at enabling non self-sufficient elders living in assisted residences to actually bike in the company of a loved one through a real-time, immersive telepresence experience (Telecyclette project). This project is the result of a translational effort aimed at exploiting the knowledge and competencies that I have accumulated over the years while doing basic research for the concrete benefit of vulnerable persons.