XR4REHAB launches new Podcast Series

XR4REHAB launches a new Podcast Series which will introduce you to some of the thought leaders, researchers and innovators in XR4REHAB.

Every two months a new XR4REHAB Podcast will be available on different platforms. The podcast series is an initiative of the Partners and People working group for the XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network. Part of our mission at XR4REHAB is to build a network of researchers, technologists, SMEs and innovators that will revolution rehabilitation through the use of technology. If you would like to be part of this revolution please follow the link on our website and join the XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network.

Episode 1 - Interview with Ryan Douglas

First in line is Ryan Douglas, co-founder of Deepwell TDx, who is interviewed by Remco Hoogendijk. The company Deepwell is a perfect match of medtech and gaming expertise.

Ryan is a noted expert and innovator in the fields of mental health, artificial intelligence, and surgical robotics, and has been on the frontline of major paradigm shifts in healthcare for 15 years. He has commercialized over 20 FDA-cleared medical devices, including treatments for depression, hypertension, women’s health, chronic pain, and related neurological conditions. Ryan holds pivotal patents for medical AI, robotics, and systems and frequently has achieved FDA clearance for breakthrough therapies.

In this first podcast Ryan shares his views on the creation of XR applications for healthcare.

We already met Ryan in June at the XR4REHAB Conference where he delivered the Opening Keynote. During this interview, his ideas are discussed in more detail. So, especially when you missed his talk in June, this podcast is a must listen!

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Everyone with an affinity (in the broadest sense) with XR technology in the healthcare and rehabilitation sector can become member of the XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network and benefit from several advantages.

All we ask from you is active participation. How? For instance by joining one of the working groups, by the provision of research expertise, by granting access to patients or IT students.

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