Deepak Ravindran

Consultant in Anaesthesia, Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine
Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician
Clinical Lead for Pain Medicine,
Clinical Lead (Berkshire Longcovid Integrated Service)
Author of The Pain Free Mindset

Dr Deepak Ravindran is the lead for the Berkshire Longcovid Integrated service (BLIS), one of 89 such clinics established nationally in the UK. He is also the Clinical Lead in Pain Medicine at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading UK and is a self confessed ‘upstreamist’. He has over 20 years of experience in Pain Medicine and is one of the very few consultants in the UK who holds triple certification in musculoskeletal, pain medicine and lifestyle medicine. He has worked with the UK patient expert group LongcovidSOS in helping Longcovid patients and has secured a further £50000 from NHS charities to provide support to the Longcovid cohort in his service.

Dr Deepak Ravindran is the podcast host of Pain Speak and author of the Best Selling book “The Pain Free Mindset” – a book aimed at patients suffering with pain but also immensely useful for all healthcare professionals in understanding all the recent advances around pain management and a scientific evidence based way of managing and overcoming pain. He has secured a grant to work with the University of Reading to further look at epidemiology and the pharmacological options in managing longcovid. His service has received over 1200 referrals.

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