David Murphy

Prior to joining University College Cork (UCC) as a Computer Science lecturer in 1998, David was a multimedia engineer at Apple Computer. His research interests are in the areas of Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality, Biosensors, HCI, and Spatial Sound. In 2019 David established the MAVRIC Lab (Mixed Augmented Virtual Reality and Immersive Computing) focusing on multimodal XR design and user interaction. David is also a member of the international organisation VR First, EU XR4ALL, and the IEEE CTSoc SIG Metaverse, the JVRB Technical Committee, and the ISO SC29 WG03/07 (MPEG). David was Co-Chair of the Universities & Colleges Committee of the international Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Association (ARVRA) until 2022, and is currently the Chair of the IEEE CTSoc HMI Technical Committee.

Full Research Profile: http://publish.ucc.ie/researchprofiles/D005/dmurphy and ORCID iD: 0000-0002-9685-8292