Anthony Brooks

From being born into a family with disabled members, an early engineering degree and subsequent early uptake of ICT and sensor technologies across disciplines, Brooks has been avant-garde in pioneering the exploration and subsequent uptake of digital technologies towards advancing (re)habilitation. His four decades of research in the field has led to national and international awards; multi-million Euro projects; seven patents; approximately forty plenary keynotes; approximately 250 publications including eleven books; an emergent optimization model for patient intervention and treatment design. Brooks is active as an ‘expert’ under various organization including the European Commission, the Alliance for Innovation, and EUREKA (S+T+ART). He is Danish country representative at UNESCO’s IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing) and has been invited speaker at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City speaking on technology potentials within disability. He is on numerous academic boards and committees and he has examined numerous PhD viva in different countries. Showcases of his work include numerous Olympics and Paralympics including parallel scientific symposium and exhibitions – also international MoMAs, festivals, etc.

Around the turn of the century Brooks’ research was responsible for an industry start-up, patents, and commercial product. The product was later subject of independent research studies by senior physiotherapists stating that the “feed-back training group showed a marked improvement that was up to 400% in the training specific performance /concluding/ Clinical Rehabilitation Impact.”*

Brooks’ body of ongoing work goes under the “SoundScapes” name with his associated concepts of ArtAbilitation ©, GameAbilitation ©, and AquAbilitation ©. He is always open for project collaboration proposals. He is currently employed at Aalborg University in Denmark.