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There has been an exponential growth of XR technology in healthcare. AR and VR technologies have been revolutionizing the global healthcare market in recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic has acted as an accelerant in the use of technology in healthcare. The way in which healthcare is delivered has changed forever.

The AR healthcare market is expected to generate US$10 billion in revenues, in the USA alone the VR Healthcare market is estimated to reach 1.2 billion dollars in 2024. Now is the time to exploit the potential of XR in healthcare.

Within rehabilitation, in particular, XR technology can make a significant impact. XR offers new ways to support rehabilitation services and to deliver rehabilitation interventions in new and cost-effective ways. XR technology can support rehabilitation in the home, delivery therapy remotely, cut waiting times, improve patient engagement and ultimately deliver better outcomes for the patient. XR technology can also reduce the costs of training and education for healthcare professionals. However, there is a need for a step-change if the potential outcomes of XR in rehabilitation are to be achieved.

XR4REHAB believes that we have reached an inflection point where there is a need to Scale up emerging technologies in rehabilitation to generate the potential impact of XR technologies in rehabilitation. It is time to Scale Up for Impact.

XR4REHAB has created a program for the 2023 conference that will explore all aspects of Scaling up for Impact. The conference will examine how we scale up technology from research to practice, the challenges and opportunities in scaling up XR technologies for rehabilitation in different environments: hospital, home, community and primary care, also considering how these technologies are delivered to market. The conference will examine critical factors in scaling up such as insurance, medical device regulation and intellectual property. Importantly the use of XR in education and training will also be addressed.

An invite to submit your abstract or project

XR4REHAB Annual Conference 2023 aims to provide value by bringing your experience or research findings to inspire innovative other participants. We invite you to be part of our 2023 conference by submitting an abstract of your work. An abstract can either be original research or innovative practice or development. We will also showcase innovative projects.

Join us and submit your abstract, deadline, 1st  March 2023, 23.59 CET at the latest!

All accepted abstract presenters will benefit from a 50% discount on the conference registration fee.
You can find more information on the submission here.

Submit your abstract here

Be part of the XR4REHAB Network!

Become member of the XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network and benefit of an extra 50% discount on the conference fee!

Everyone with an affinity (in the broadest sense) with XR technology in the healthcare and rehabilitation sector can become member of the XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network and profit from several advantages.

All we ask from you is active participation. How? For instance by joining one of the working groups, by the provision of research expertise, by granting access to patients or IT students.

Interested?  Find more information here.


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