A powerful virtual reality experience designed to rehabilitate men with a history of domestic violence.

VRespect.Me is using Immersive Virtual Reality and through embodiment the aggressor is able to see, hear and feel like a victim on the receiving end of aggression. The virtual experience has been designed specifically to help aggressors develop empathy and improve social behavior.

Changing the perspective of an aggressive person through VR can drastically modify how they recognize emotions, such as fear. This helps to develop empathy and to learn new behavioural, non agressive strategies.


The development continues under the EU project VR per Genere, which stands for stands for Virtual Reality Prevention of Gender Violence in Europe based on Neuroscience of Embodiment, PeRspective and Empathy.

The aim of VR Per GENERE is to reduce intimate partner violence through the deployment of cost-effective prevention and rehabilitation tools based on immersive virtual reality

Reducing intimate partner violence with VR and rehabilitate domestic violence perpetrators.

VRespect.Me induces behavioural and attitudinal changes in the general public regarding intimate partner violence by raising awareness, enhancing empathy for victims and fostering helpful behaviour in bystanders to IPV incidents.

This application promotes healthy dating relationships by empowering young women to respond assertively to psychological abuse, thus minimizing the chances of harmful outcomes and the likelihood of men abusing.

This novel and scientific approach makes the perpetrators feel what it’s like to be on the receiving end of aggressions by using the power of embodiment.



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