Engaging, adaptable, challenging, and measureable experience.

VR Kinesis is a Virtual Reality software for rehabilitation aimed at turning repetitive task training into an engaging, adaptable, challenging, and measurable experience. This software has been created by physiotherapists and tested by patients, with the precious advisory contribution of other clinical figures in the fields of psychology and neurology. It offers a host of customization and ease-of-use features, such as:

  • Intuitive gesture menu made with 3D game objects, that do not require any button clicks.
  • Automatic menu height placement: The menu floats in front of the player by moving automatically to a height that requires minimal shoulder elevation.
  • One can be very specific about where the objects the player must reach should spawn.
  • Future updates also include remote tablet control for therapists and hand tracking for patients with hand disabilities.

Our approach helps to fill in a void that we often see after a patient’s treatment cycle is over, where activity levels often drop. It can also be used as “prehabilitation” (before an operation) to maintain general strength and cardiovascular health, or it can be used as an accessible and customizable fitness workout for people with an impairment, health problem or otherwise lower functional capacity who might even have difficulty leaving their home for exercise activities. This last concept can be thought of as an immersive-age update to “Adapted Physical Activity” which dates back to the 1970s.