The ultimate goal of VITALISE, is to harmonize the existing networks of the Health and Wellbeing Living Labs infrastructure, facilitating access and enhancing systematic ways of conducting research on this challenging domain. On the one hand, the work plan of VITALISE has been built around a flexible harmonization procedure model while on the other hand on the advancement of trans-national collaboration.

Within the broad domain of Health and Wellbeing, VITALISE focuses on Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) domain and on chronic conditions and more specifically the following three main domains: rehabilitation, transitional care and everyday living environments aiming to identify and address the particular needs, provide solutions and collect data for further studies.

VITALISE aims to go beyond existing networking activities by building a worldwide Harmonization Board and Body for Health and Wellbeing Living Labs. Instead of just bringing together interested parties, the objective is to define standard processes and key elements shared among them. The Harmonization Board and Body for Health and Wellbeing Living Labs will be meeting every 6 months in order to work closely in standards update. This will enable contact and a meaningful collaboration with new partners and ideas. Moreover, VITALISE will improve currently available educational activities. In order to sustain and enlarge the community, material for new Living Labs will be created. This material aims to introduce the created standards and educate Living Labs on how to follow them. The Open Living Lab Days event will also be enhanced bythe organization of a summer school right before the start of the event. The summer school will teach young researcher the value provided by Living Labs and provide the opportunity to learn new methodologies. These activities are also linked to the market by educating participants on how to capitalize on the innovation potential of their research. This strongly interconnected network consisted of Living Labs, young researchers and SMEs will work together to create new research activities. VITALISE’s vision is the sustainability of the community and the maintenance of networking activities beyond the project lifecycle.