Dynamic adaptive core balance, is the beginning of all other movements

During the rehabilitation of patients with balance problems, intensive training of the trunk is necessary so that patients can function independently again.

The goal of the team is to come up with a training for core stability that can make patients independent and is motivating and fun. VR rehabilitation offers the opportunity to train in a challenging and safe environment and have the trainer set the levels from the training center is a good possibility. By placing movement sensors on the trunk, it turns into a controller to play a VR game while training. VR-rehabilitation with movement sensors also enables the possibility of real-time feedback on a personalized training.

Virtual reality provokes movements in a natural way, patients learn that they can rely on their own body again so that they can eventually practice the training without the need of a therapist. The game element also motivates them to continue with the training and gives the patients direct and continuous feedback.

TrunkyXL a training of trunk stability using virtual reality (VR) and sensors.
TrunkyXL is being further developed within VR4REHAB into a VR training for patients with balance problems. This development is part of the European VR4REHAB program, and has grown into a collaboration between game designers from Fantazm, VR specialists from InmotionVR, technicians from 2M Engineering and researchers, doctors, therapists, and patients from the Sint Maartenskliniek.



VR4REHAB is an Open Innovation Platform that believes in the power of virtual reality for rehabilitation.