Rehab remotely

A Physiotherapy Mixed Reality Mobile Application With Hand Tracking

This is a project that is focused on the remote evaluation of performance by Physiotherapists for patients in rehabilitation at home. For now, it is being developed for the upper-limb (in the first person) with Mixed Reality but the approach can be used for the whole body in the third person in Augmented Reality as well.

What level of readiness is the technology now?

The particularity of this project is that it is accessible to everyone as it uses the patient’s smartphone directly (with average hardware, using the RGB camera)
one of the main problems solved by using the Studio Z7 project is that the rehabilitation is carried out at a distance from the patient without precise performance assessment

André Figueiredo, Architect and Msc in Design (C.E.S.A.R School) is using an experimental SDK (manomotion). As the hardware is not accessible for a large scale of users, developing for mobile would increase exponentially the access for patients.



VR4REHAB is an Open Innovation Platform that believes in the power of virtual reality for rehabilitation.