How to do your rehabilitation training outside

Moving Reality developed two different AR applications that can be used in gait rehabilitation and allow the patient to train outside the usual conventional hospital structures, in the comfort of a home or outdoors.

The main goal of the Moving Reality solution is to maintain the acquired walking pattern after rehabilitation in daily life. In order to use this solution, the team decided to use AR rather than VR since safety is an important issue when walking with VR.

The Train2Go app implement dorsiflexion training by use of visual augmented reality, patients can train by kicking a ball, that is placed by augmented reality, in their own environment.

The application includes a sensor placed on the patients’ foot which provides feedback on foot elevation, when certain predetermined limits are exceeded or not reached, the patient receives feedback by a vibration sensor. A vibration indicates that the patient has to adjust his walking pattern.

The Moving Reality team working on the AR prototype



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