The High-Tech Modular Treadmill System

The M-Gait, developed by Motek Medical B.V. enables multiple system enhancements to improve the functionality of your research setup. Add dynamic pitch and sway options, motion capture, virtual reality, bodyweight support, and more to customize your setup entirely.

While it may still have a 3D instrumented dual-belt treadmill at its core, the M-Gait is more than a pre-defined product. It is a fully modular system, configurable to your own specific needs – making it ideal for brand new setups (like a full gait lab) as well as for combining it with already existing 3rd party equipment. It adapts to what you wish for in a product, just as it adapts to requirements of your facility.

Enhance your research and clinical applications right from the start or as dynamic upgrades over time with the M-Gait’s over 50 options covering hardware, software and services.

The M-Gait is a Class I medical system according to MDD 93/42/EEC, and will soon be MDR compliant.


Motek Medical B.V.