HOLOgrams for personalised virtual coaching and motivation in an ageing population with BALANCE disorders

HOLOBALANCE aims to become a state-of-the-art system providing an evidence-based, gradually progressive, multifactorial, individualized falls intervention, through cutting-edge technology and improving clinical practice. HOLOBALANCE essentially aims to provide balance rehabilitation at patients’ home, remotely supervised by expert physiotherapists.

Balance Disorders

Balance disorders due to age-related progressive loss of functioning of sensory information and the inability to control body movements are considered a global epidemic according to the World Health Organization. One in three people over the age of 65 fall annually, with the majority of these being caused by balance disorders.

HOLOBALANCE key points are:
– User-centric design using Human-Computer Interaction methodology;
– Holograms acting as virtual balance physiotherapists.
– New augmented reality games for cognitive training.
– Smart glasses with audio for vocal instructions and cognitive/auditory training.
– Multilevel motivation through emotional computing, behavioural modelling and intelligent data analytics.