Child-friendly rehabilitation training at home

The Hands Around the World project developed a serious gaming application for children with unilateral Cerebral Palsy, offering them the possibility to rehabilitate from home in a fun way. This project contributes to cheaper, more accessible, excellent and innovative healthcare for both patients and therapists.

The goal of Hands Around the World solution is to train patients on the intention of moving, rather the movement itself. It is clear why the team chose this target group since there is a lot of training necessary for this group with a less limited range of motion.

Hands Around the World developed a prototype game application controlled by the Leap Motion sensor. This application enables children to train their hand and arm function in a fun way. The major advantage is that children and their parents are less likely to suffer from the practical barriers associated with rehabilitation in the clinic, while therapists can still monitor the progress of the children remotely.

The Hands Around the World team working on the VR prototype



XR4REHAB is an Open Innovation Platform that believes in the power of virtual reality for rehabilitation.