Training memory in the game play

Crystal Ball developed an AR game application to improve short-term memory. The patient trains the memory during the game play, by remembering a set of animals and then collect them in an augmented reality environment.

The program is a combination of augmented reality technology and gamification, to make the training more fun for the patients. The training also aims to teach children to make more efficient use of their memory and provide them with compensation strategies that help them to better cope in everyday life.

Crystal Ball is equipped with integrated assistance, it can offer help by allowing patients to take notes or a photo to perform the required task within the training.

The level of difficulty of the application is adjustable according to the patient’s needs. The patient is empowered to do the rehabilitation therapy in the environment of his choice, even at home, the therapist will get feedback of the improvement after every game played via mail.

The Crystal Ball team working on the AR prototype



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