“Affordable mental health for everybody, independent of location or time.”

Psylaris creates autonomous virtual reality software for the mental health sector. In doing so they help clients to improve their mental state independent of a therapist. In this blended care approach, it’s possible to achieve faster and improved results because the client can work independently on his or her problems. Combined with the expert view and intervention of a therapist it has proven to be an effective way treatment.

Psylaris provides autonomous VR sessions for the following therapies:

  • EMDR-VR: For autonomous trauma therapy
  • Relaxation-VR: Reduce patients’ anxiety within 15 min. using evidence-based methods (breathing techniques, meditation, body scan, etc.)
  • Exposure-VR: 360-videos in VR to expose the customer to their phobias. For example, a fear of heights, driving, or open spaces.


Contact details

The Netherlands

6221BG Maastricht

Wilhelminasingel 43