Science based Brain Training made Fun

At NeuroReality, we believe that playful yet intensive, repetitive, and personalized cognitive rehabilitation can improve overall health outcomes following brain injury.

The company developed a neuroscience-backed game called Koji’s Quest, NeuroReality helps individuals rehabilitate after brain injury and to train cognitive skills.

Koji’s Quest uses new insights from neuroscience and gamification techniques to transform classic neuropsychological training into challenging and fun serious games that can improve cognitive functioning and information processing. By using state of the art Virtual Reality, rehabilitants are teleported to a new reality, where they can perform various cognitive and motor training tasks that automatically adapt to the abilities of the specific client. This keeps the trainings challenging, but never too difficult or too easy. After training, patients can relax in their own virtual garden, where they can see how much they’ve improved, and do beneficial guided breathing exercises. By offering many personalizable settings,

Koji’s Quest is one of the first 6DOF VR cognitive rehabilitation solutions that is designed to specifically focus on the treatment of cognitive issues. By using smart difficulty adjustment algorithms, and personalized profiles, Koji’s Quest can be used together with a clinician, or independently, at home, allowing for tele-rehabilitation and more intensive treatment.


Koji’s Quest can be used for a wide variety of patients, both in the sub-acute phase of ABI, to the chronic phase. Koji’s Quest is also set up in such a way that it can be used both in outpatient and inpatient clinics, as well as remote independent training at home. Through our clinical back-end, clinicians can pre-set specific trainings and easily review performance and improvement over time.

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