Creating Healthy Recovery

At HoloMoves we offer software in a SaaS license model. Therefore we offer Mixed Reality (MR) exercise games and educational 3D content for patients during their stay in a hospital or rehabilitation center. MR-glasses have the power to enrich the environment with holograms while the real world remains visible.

At HoloMoves we use this technique to promote healthy movement behavior. Various exercise games for everybody’s posture (lying, sitting, and standing/walking) make exercise fun at every level of physical functioning. With our innovative MR software, we want to contribute to faster recoveries for inpatients by helping them to get more physically active and providing them with engaging education modules. Our core values are Healthy Behavior, Patient Empowerment, and Playful Design. By healthy behavior, we mean “keeping healthy what is healthy”. By encouraging physical activity, we want to prevent unnecessary deterioration of the physical condition and contribute to better and faster recovery for patients. The power of Mixed Reality in combination with interactive games and education supports patients in making healthy choices and undertaking physical activity. A playful design has a central place in all our products. A good dose of fun motivates patients to get active and promotes increase adherence to exercise.

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