Get healthy. Stay Healthy.

Virtually Healthy is doing research to develop VR programmes for fitness, rehabilitation, and therapy. Providing fun and motivational solutions for helping with mental and physical health together.

Virtually Healthy provides independent research services for VR companies. We have previously conducted research into the health benefits of various VR games, including the movements induced by each game. We are using this research to develop VR health and fitness programmes for a wide range of purposes within fitness, rehabilitation, and therapy. We will also provide custom health/fitness programme services for individuals. As well as these programmes, our aim is to provide the necessary research and data to health and fitness professionals to utilize VR games within the health and fitness industries, allowing health and fitness professionals to develop custom VR programmes for their clients.

Virtually Healthy focuses on the scientific proof of health benefits. Taking third party content and providing the necessary research to use this content within health and fitness.

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