“Immersive technologies for well being”

Softcare Studios is a digital health company developing immersive solutions and innovative data tracking methods to support patients and health operators achieve a better quality of care. Special focus is dedicated to pain relief, stress management, and therapy education of hospitalized patients, aimed at increasing their adherence to therapy and optimize the work routine of the medical staff. The company has been founded in Italy in 2017 and has grown thanks to strategic partnerships with pharma companies (Merck, Roche, Novartis), academic research collaborations (Politecnico in Milan, National Research Council in Milan), patients associations, and digital innovation partners (Vodafone, Simiosys). The company has been also selected by several acceleration programs such as Merck Acceleration Program (Germany, 2017), TMCx (USA, 2018), Accelerace (Denmark, 2018), Global Startup Program (UK, 2019), X-Europe (Online, 2020).


Since 2017, we develop immersive solutions in healthcare and wellbeing dedicated to B2B customers such as hospitals, medical specialists and patient associations. We design our solutions as proprietary products or in collaboration with third party partners such as pharma and MedTech companies, hospitals and medical specialists. Actively collaborating with academic partners, we promote research collaborations aimed at innovating data collection and processing through XR interfaces, providing meaningful indicators of stress conditions and impact on patients’ experience. We also offer consulting services focused on XR applications in healthcare, well-being and education.

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00137 Roma

Via Franco Sacchetti 52