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The XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network held its first official General Assembly meeting at the Immersive Tech Week in Rotterdam two weeks ago.

XR4REHAB is a non-profit association and is established to sustain the network built and deliverables made within the VR4REHAB NWE programme. The Network has the mission to bring patientcare in rehabilitation to the next level by using XR technology to deliver customized, affordable and measurable therapy, in the clinic and at home.

The objectives of the XR4REHAB Collaboration & Innovation Network are to link ideas, people and business by offering a platform to facilitate collaboration, providing and exchanging scientific and practical knowledge and sharing best practices.

XR4REHAB wants to achieve its objectives through a number of activities, such as its annual conference, research collaborations, subsidized projects and working groups.

Be part of the Network!

Everyone with an affinity (in the broadest sense) with XR technology in the healthcare and rehabilitation sector can become member and benefit from several advantages.

All we ask from you is active participation. How? For instance by joining one of the working groups, by the provision of research expertise, by granting access to patients or IT students.

Interested?  You can already preregister.

Remco Hoogendijk and Silvia De Bruin

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