An all-virtual edition for EuroXR 2021

We are glad to announce that the VR4REHAB Project will take part in EuroXR 2021 Online Conference. A special session entitled VR4REHAB & VR4LongCovid special session will take place on 26 November from 8.50 till 9.55

Program VR4REHAB & VR4LongCovid

  • Special session chair: Remco Hoogendijk
  • An update of Move VRee and Trunky XL – Gert-Jan Brok
  • MotiVeeR Uzelf – Eline Hagedooren
    The innovation ‘MotiVeeR UZeLf’ from the team of Msc. E. Haghedooren and Prof. Dr. R. Gosselink, physiotherapists at the University Hospitals in Leuven, Belgium, is a Virtual Reality application, that allows therapists to use VR-therapy on ICU patients, to keep them motivated for (paced) exercise training. Rehabilitation tools like elastic bands, weights and a bedcycle are nowadays standard therapy in the ICU, but is not very appealing for long-stay patients, therefore making it difficult to stay motivated over months of hospital stay in an isolated room. With this VR-app, rehabilitation of ICU patients will be upgraded into the modern world.
  • Digital Design VR – Sam Hyde
    The AMRC Digital Design Team of the University of Sheffield is working on ‘ReSpiro’, the low cost smart spirometer accessory for personal VR, AR, Phones and Tablets. The idea was pitched at the original VR4COVID Hackathon. During the Dev Jam phase we developed the idea into a working hardware prototype, made preliminary designs for a phase 2 hardware kit, and created an example lung health game directly controlled by the prototype hardware. The next stages are to gather feedback on the existing hardware and software system, develop and deploy the phase 2 hardware kit, and proceed towards a production-ready system.
  • Explore Deep – Niki Smit
    Niki Smit is co-founder and Creative Director at Monobanda, where he explores and expands the boundaries of play and interaction. Additionally, he co-founded ExploreDEEP, where he creates meditative, breath-controlled VR experiences His work focuses heavily on researching and developing new forms of play. His passion lies in creating projects that connect the human body, physical space, and the virtual world in surprising ways, creating a meaningful play that fills the space between art, science, and education. DEEP: Deep is a meditative VR experience controlled by deep belly breathing. It teaches and rewards diaphragmatic breathing by encouraging players to control their buoyancy and progression through the game by slow, deep breathing. This interplay of scientifically validated breathing interaction together with award-winning hypnotic gameplay creates a perfect environment for patients to become engaged in the experience – thus increasing patient adherence and skill retention

About EuroXR Conference

This conference follows a series of successful international conferences initiated in 2004 by the INTUITION Network of Excellence in Virtual and Augmented Reality, supported by the European Commission until 2008. Embedded within the Joint Virtual Reality Conferences (JVRC) from 2009 to 2013, it was known as the EuroVR international conferences from 2014 and until last year. Apart from annually gathering the EuroXR members for the association life, the focus of EuroXR conference is on novel VR/AR/MR technologies, including software systems, display technology, interaction devices, and applications. Besides papers on the latest scientific results and highlights from many application fields, the EuroXR conference series aims at creating a unique human-dimension framework, interconnecting European and international XR communities, for knowledge cross-fertilisations between researchers, technology providers, and end-users. Together we drive XR forward

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