Virtual Connected Care for long-Covid-19 patients; anywhere anytime!

From 17 to 21 May 2021 18 teams and 10 individuals from 9 countries, competed in the VR4REHAB hackathon, with one common goal: invent Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for Long Covid rehabilitation.

COVRehab is developing a tool to virtually connect patients and therapists for long-Covid home rehabilitation using:

  • VR suite of physical, mental, and cognitive rehabilitation exercises
  • Integration of VR suite with an intelligent telehealth tool
  • Remote communication and monitoring between patients and therapists

The team is formed by Harry van Goor: professor of surgical education at Radboudumc, Courtney Cole: co-founder and CEO ForAHealthyMe, an intelligent telehealth solution, Cheyenne Breeker: VR and interaction game developer at SyncVR, Freek van Polen: co-founder and Platform Developer at SyncVR, MSc AI and Robbert Brouwer: co-founder and VR implementation specialist at SyncVR.

What makes it unique?

The home-based virtual connection between patients and therapists, anywhere and anytime! Patients are in control of their rehabilitation and safely monitored by their caregivers at a distance.

From our COVRehab study with 40 long-Covid patients and 15 therapists, we concluded that VR is a feasible and effective tool for multidomain long-Covid rehabilitation.
The main challenge is now: how to create a scalable and affordable solution to service a maximum number of patients with VR? Our project tackles this challenge with the development of a solution to virtually connect patients and therapists which is: home-based, patient-centered and intelligent.



Robbert Brouwer

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