"Short games for long covid"

Over 16.5 million people have long covid worldwide. Symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue, brain fog, and pain are common long covid symptoms. The World Health Organization advised that rehabilitation and self-management are two key priorities for long covid.

Our solution called “short games for long covid” emphasises the use of breathing exercises as a gateway to promote self-management of a number of long covid symptoms. This can be achieved using various activities such as action planning, goal setting, relaxation, mindful movement, pacing, and relapse planning.

The Team is formed of Dr. Joseph McVeigh, Mr. David Murphy, Dr. Mohamad Saab, Dr. Deepak Ravindran, Mr. Pete Moore, Prof. Cormac Ryan, Prof. Denis Martin, Ms. Deniz Mevlevioglu, Mr. Billy O’Mahony, Mr. Vincent Russell, Dr. Sabin Tabirca, Dr. Tamara Vagg, Ms. Ciara Hanrahan and Dr. Michael Twomey.

What makes it unique?

“Short games for long covid” provides gamified breathing exercises. It serves as a safe and calming space for patients who are breathless, anxious, and who suffer significant fatigue.

Calming visuals, audio, and breathing exercises are embedded into “short games for long covid” which is delivered using low-cost consumer-grade VR systems. It allows patients to track their symptoms, activities, and goals thus enabling them to take control of their own symptoms. This experience is then personalized using patient input and AI. Biosensors are used in order to record physiological information such as breathing and heart rate.

Our solution is scalable, portable, and capable of running on multiple consumer-grade VR devices. Therefore, patients can access this experience at their own leisure in any place of their choosing.


Dr Joseph McVeigh joseph.mcveigh@ucc.ie

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