We are pleased to announce that Jeremy Dalton will open the Virtual Congress VR4REHAB-from ideas to reality, with the Keynote: The Only Way Is Up: XR for Healthcare and Beyond, 24 June 2021, 9.30 AM CET.


Jeremy leads PwC’s XR team, helping clients across all industries implement virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology. He is a global public speaker and the author of Reality Check: How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business.

Jeremy has featured in The Financial Times, The Economist, the BBC, and other media outlets. He has worked with organizations like the World Economic Forum and currently sits on the advisory board of Immerse UK, a government-funded hub supporting the growth of XR.

Guest Speaker

We asked Jeremy how he envisages the future of health tech. He replied: 

Delivering effective healthcare to patients starts with effective training – understanding the body and its potential ailments in a swift and accurate manner. This knowledge, whether theoretical or based on real-life scenarios, is often built on 3-dimensional information, and the more accurately such information can be communicated, the better the outcomes for all involved from patient to physician.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) represent a key component of the future of health tech – AR due to its ability to convey spatial information effectively in context with the real world and VR because it can immerse users and focus their attention on alternate scenarios. These users could be either physicians or patients and the technology could therefore be either a tool or a treatment.

The applications of VR and AR are vast even within the category of health tech and we are only now scratching the surface of what is possible so expect there to be many more discoveries and applications of the technology to come.


The keynote is entitled “The Only Way Is Up: XR for Healthcare and Beyond“. What can we expect from your intervention?

J.D says “At VR4REHAB-from ideas to reality I expect to hear the latest thinking on the use of virtual reality within healthcare and rehabilitation, to understand what organizations are involved in building this future, and how they are contributing to its success. I am particularly excited to hear from a wide range of speakers from all over the world with different perspectives, both academic and industrial.

Can you give us a little preview of your keynote speech?

J.D says: Augmented reality and virtual reality (collectively ‘XR’) have a vast number of applications that span every single industry – including healthcare, through which XR is set to contribute a boost of $351 billion to global GDP by 2030. This is a bold claim, particularly in light of the hype and subsequent disappointment of the past. However, we are now in a different era where the factors are right for the technology to thrive. From the decreasing cost of computing power to the omnipresence of the smartphone, the foundation has been laid for an innovation that will serve business and the consumer for many years to come.





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