VRforHealth is an independent, women-led Therapeutic Virtual Reality consultancy and community media platform, born in 2020.

Our mission is to advance the knowledge and use of evidence-based TVR for the benefit of those suffering from anxiety, pain, rehabilitation, and other mental health conditions. We create collaborative impact initiatives to connect the therapeutic VR industry, healthcare professionals, patient networks, and institutions on one platform, in support of this mission.  In these initiatives, we focus on a specific aspect of Therapeutic VR,  understanding patient and professional needs,  driving awareness, clinical research,  data analysis, and more


VRforHealth begins with two women on a mission, Denise Silber, a digital health pioneer and patient engagement advocate in Paris, France. Beth Savoldelli, a business development professional, cancer survivor, and patient advocate in Dallas, Texas.

Believing in the power of therapeutic VR, they travel to the 2019 Cedar Sinai Virtual Medicine conference. Denise Silber moderates the patient testimonials and emits a call to action for VR awareness and action. Beth Savoldelli, seeking to use her professional skills to leverage the ecosystem for patients, reaches out to Denise. A team is formed.


VRforHealth offers a range of services:

  • Collaborative impact partnerships to extend knowledge, awareness, and access to Therapeutic Virtual Reality
  • Curated Video Libraries about Therapeutic Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Events

VRforHealth is proud of the exciting healthcare collaborations we have in preparation and look forward to announcing them soon. If we have to define success at present, it would be that we are humbled by the talented people who support our mission, the welcome we have received regarding our website, and the opportunities we see.

VRforHealth webinar: VR and Pain

March 31, at 1 PM EDT / 7 PM CET, VRforHealth will premiere its live webinar series with, the patient perspective, presented by a patient.

Tom Norris, Patient, Pain Advisor, and of course, veteran VR user, coming to us live from Los Angeles, will be interviewed by Denise Silber, Co-Founder of VRforHealth, who will be live in Paris, France.

The webinar will focus on the use of VR for chronic pain, thanks to the first-hand experience of Tom Norris and the vision of Denise Silber, a digital health pioneer.


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