Everything that is linked to the word “innovation” has a positive connotation, we imagine something fast, effective, and constantly moving.

Especially when it comes to something as new and innovative as Virtual and Augmented Reality for rehabilitation.

We asked some of the team members of VR4REHAB what it was like for them to go through this journey.


The VR4REHAB project started in 2017, specifically focuses on enabling the co-creation of Virtual Reality-based rehabilitation tools.
During the past three years, the project went through different phases, we started with 7 partners and now we have 8 teams with a total of about 50 collaborators, with a common goal: “working together in order to create the future.”

The Interview

For many of the team members, VR4REHAB was their first Interreg NWE project, but they all said that they enjoyed working in an international context, even if it added some difficulties.
The global pandemic we are facing has certainly put a strain on both carrying out work in the clinics and has prevented any movement in Europe, slowing down the project.

Interview participants: Anouk den Ambtman, Denis Martin, Dido Green and Koen van den Hurk.

How did you experience the whole innovation process?

A.d.A: The innovation process is a rocky road. We are developing an innovation, which means that we work on a new VR-game. It is sometimes hard to oversee all challenges and deal with the uncertainty. Though, the trust and expertise within our team are great. Even when it is difficult, someone is always able to find a new common horizon to work to. Positivity and courage are the key ingredients to move forward and master the road.

D.M.: I’ve participated in many projects over the years and this has been one of my favourites. The international dimension adds to the whole experience. It’s always fascinating to see how things are done in different places, really opened my eyes to the possibilities of a new approach – the enthusiasm and creativity were inspiring.

Unfortunately, not everything always goes according to plan. What are the mistakes you have made that have led you astray?

D.G.: So many… Having a back-up plan for the unexpected would have been good, but no one saw the pandemic coming or the type of impact it would have. I have learnt to ensure that the organization has individuals in their finance department to support a project before agreeing to be involved.

Can you tell us about a fun fact that occurred while working with your team?

K.v.d.H.: Although it wasn’t always sure where the project was going, everybody kept working. This energy was really entising.

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