VR4REHAB in a nutshell

The VR4REHAB project started in 2017 as an Interreg project of the North-West Europe region, specifically focuses on enabling the co-creation of Virtual Reality-based rehabilitation tools.

By identifying and combining forces from SMEs active in the field of VR, Research Institute, clinics and patients VR4REHAB aims at creating a network in which the state-of-the-art VR-technology could meet the rehabilitation potential and thus answer to the needs of patients and of their therapists.

VR4REHAB: from ideas to applications

In the last 3 years, the project has brought considerable successes for the VR and AR community in the healthcare sector.

Here the structure that VR4REHAB has followed from its origin until now:
Five hackathons had been organized, one per participation country, which gathered the expertise of entrepreneurs, patients, rehabilitation personnel and technical specialists. The positive contamination of different figures within the project has always characterized VR4REHAB’s policy.

During this first phase, a rich source of innovative ideas concerning VR and AR rehabilitation emerged.
The most favourable and feasible ideas were then developed during the game jams. Each game jam foresaw the development of the ideas into application, thanks to the partners’ technological expertise, identifying the most suitable technologies.

The third phase that the project established is called challenge, where the prototypes developed during the game jams undergo a phase of technical development and trial with clinical partners, who provide medical requirements. At the moment we are still in the middle of this phase, the 8 teams are carrying out a set of feasibility tests, evaluating the interaction between the application, patients, and therapists. The VR and AR games are almost ready, waiting to be introduced into the market.

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